Bespoke fitted furniture

Four reasons bespoke fitted furniture is the secret to achieving your dream home or office.

Bespoke furniture is any piece of furniture that has been made to measure according to your exact requirements and specifications. Are you redecorating your home or commercial space and want to make it unique while using the room in the best way possible? Choosing custom-made furniture offers this and much more. Here are just a few reasons why bespoke, fitted furniture will help you achieve your dream home:

No compromises!

Bespoke furniture is produced to fit the space you have available and crafted to complement your interior design. Whether it’s a set of shelves, a home library or a custom-made office, going bespoke means your furniture will suit the layout of the room and match your individual taste, without having to compromise on design or quality. With custom-made furniture you can make the most of an awkward layout or a tight corner in a way that ‘off the shelf’ furniture would never allow. Choosing bespoke means no gaps, funny edges, or clumsy arrangements. Plus you get to pick the material, finish and colour of your choice.

The ethical choice

If you’re uncomfortable with buying mass-produced furniture made in some far flung country in dubious conditions, bespoke furniture is a more ethical option. Not only does it mean supporting local tradesmen and independent businesses, it may also allow you to use reclaimed materials or refurbish pieces of furniture you already own. You may, for example, love your old desk and want to incorporate it into your new office. Working with a skilled, independent carpenter gives you a lot more options than buying furniture from a mass manufacturer.   

Your vision made real  

With a bespoke service, you are involved from start to finish in the design and creation of your project. Working with a skilled craftsman means that from the very beginning your vision becomes their vision. You start by discussing what you want to achieve and you’re involved every step of the way. Plus, bespoke furniture isn’t just for the rich and famous like it once was. Today, custom-made furniture can be very affordable, especially in the long run. Fancy a walk-in wardrobe and drop-down shoe cupboard? Go bespoke and it can be yours.

No assembly required

Just reading the words ‘flat pack’ is enough to give some people a headache. With bespoke furniture there’s no need to spend the day, or days, trying to decipher instructions and getting into arguments trying to assemble a chest of drawers. Fitted by professionals, custom-made furniture is safe, durable and better quality, which means less of a headache for you and more fun designing your dream home or office.

Working with skilled craftsmen, such as our London Bookcase carpenters, means you get a truly bespoke service and expert guidance, helping you to create the space of your dreams. Contact us today for your free quote.